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Pony cut long-time players Ouwo Dayton 10 people

The array has not many professional bowl players pony, recently again to the attrition.

Belong to the Age of the Tigers is coming! It is reported that the Cincinnati Tigers have agreed with their main quarterback Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) to renew a six-year $ 96 million new contract. According to well-known media reporter Ipan Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that if Dalton can reach the contract on the playoffs indicators, the total contract will be as high as 150 million. Subsequently, the Tigers official confirmed the news.

After the contract was completed, Tigers boss Mike Brown was in a good mood. “We bet on him, because we believe he has this ability.” On the contrary, many Tigers fans said Can not understand why the team spent big money and Dalton contract. Most people think Dalton’s biggest problem is his slightly weak arm strength and unsatisfactory playoff performance. In his first three playoff games, Dalton only came a passing touchdowns, but up to 6 times steals, the team did not get a victory.

The fact may be between the two, Dalton is not a top quarterback. But the current situation is that the Tigers can not find a more suitable alternative. Instead of believing that the players who had brought them three times into the playoffs. In Dalton’s contract, the biggest controversy is the value of 17 million this season, full protection of the contract (full guaranteed). When the team renews with a young player, they will not normally give them such a high security part.

Although Dalton’s renewal has a greater controversy, but it is undeniable that Dalton will be the Tigers in the next few years the main quarterback candidates. Tigers have the league’s youngest, most potential offensive player, Dalton and Green (A.J.Green) and Jones (Marvin Jones) together to grow into a league can not be ignored power.

The 10 players, including Matt Overton, who entered the professional bowl 2013, played 65 games (including the regular season and the playoffs) in five years. Along with him there were security guards Duke Williams, Alex Bazzie, defender Devon Bell, Joe Fortunato, Charles James, Deon King, Stefan McClure, Larry Scott (Larry Scott) and outside the German – Streit (Devin Street). The departure of these people with the general manager of the replacement is not unrelated.